Mellow Bakers

An online group, baking our way through Jeffrey Hamelman's book "Bread-A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes" at a leisurely pace.  Group began ~ April 2010.  I joined in a little late, but will try to catch up.

February 2011
     Whole Wheat Bread   
     Whole Wheat Bread w/ Hazelnuts & Currants-one of our favorites
    Whole Wheat Bread w/ Multigrain Soaker

March 2011
     Aloo Paratha-make up potato filling ahead of time
     Whole-Wheat Levain
     Whole-Wheat Multigrain

April 2011
      Hazelnut and Fig Bread with Fennel Seeds and Rosemary-wonderful bread, but I think the WWB w/ Hazelnuts & currants remains the favorite
     Flaxseed Bread-Hubby loves for sandwiches.  Very good keeping quality.  Surface of dough will separate/tear abit during final ferment due to high seed content. 
     Traditional English Hot Cross Buns-very, very good.  We love the candied orange in the buns. Will probably pipe the crosses on after baking next time. 

May 2011
     Five Grain Bread with Pate Fermentee-very good, maybe even better than PR's Many Seed Bread from his book Artisan Breads Every Day.   I tried making my own rye chops by throwing some whole rye berries in my spice grinder.  I used boiling water in the soaker to ensure softened rye.

June 2011
      Pain Rustique- we really liked this bread, as it was so similar to ciabatta to us.  Instead of shaping it per Hamelman's instructions, I shaped it as I would ciabatta dough.

July 2011
      Potato Bread with Roasted Onions- this bread was awesome.  Wonderful with soup.  Remember to let onions set on paper towels a bit before adding to dough, so that any extra moisture may get soaked up.  Oil hands to work with dough if its extra wet.
     Olive Levain-Really nice texture, crusty and chewy when done as fougasse.  The olives are slightly bitter, but a little butter fixed that :)

August 2011
      Oatmeal Bread-nice bread, but a little plain.  I had better results with it this time since I let it prove in the loaf pan for over 2 hours after taking the dough out of the fridge and shaping it.  I included a little barley flour in place of some of the wheat flour (I used white-whole wheat).  Works fine using all KA bread flour instead of high gluten flour and I also use KA Baker's Special Dry Milk in place of the milk called for.
     Focaccia-Better than any focaccia I've made to date.  Absolutely wonderful!!
     Oatmeal Bread w/ Cinnamon & Raisins-Turned out really well I think.  I should put a bit more cinnamon sugar inside the next time so that my cinnamon swirl is more pronounced.  The cinnamon buns were a perfect use of the extra dough!  I liked using the oatmeal bread recipe for this, because I felt the bread was a bit healthier with the whole wheat flour included in it.

September 2011
      Whole Wheat w/ Pecans and Golden Raisins-Excellent as rolls!!
      Whole-Rye and Whole-Wheat Bread-First bread made in my banneton.  Very good!