Friday, January 28, 2011

Transitional Multigrain Sandwich Bread

This week for my sandwich bread, I chose to try the Transitional Multigrain Sandwich Bread from page 106 in Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread.  For the two weeks prior to this week, I had made Peter Reinhart's Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire from the Bread Baker's Apprentice and my husband was actually requesting it for his lunch sandwiches I pack him!  I was so happy that he wanted my bread instead of that soft squishy supermarket stuff.

So this week I thought I'd try one of PR's Multigrain Breads that includes a little whole wheat flour in it and see if my husband still liked it.  He did!!!  Yea!  The Multrigrain Bread Extraordinaire used only bread flour, but the Transitional loaf uses 3 oz of whole wheat flour in addition to bread flour.  The loaf looked so pretty in the pan with such a nice dome on it that I had to take a picture (above) before I took it out of the pan.

This loaf was very good, but not quite as good as the Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire.  It toasted nicely and we used it for deli turkey sandwiches all week.  Here is the loaf out of the pan ready to be devoured:

We always have a slice apiece for dinner on the day I make the bread, otherwise the loaf does not fit in the plastic bag that I keep it in on the counter :)  It was still slightly warm inside when we cut it for dinner and was superb with a little butter spread on it.


  1. That multigrain bread looked soooo good. I wish you would bring a loaf with you the next time you come to Columbus (hint,hint).
    The post is nicely written and the pictures are excellent. Maybe someday you can write your own book. Love Dad

  2. Looks delicious! I keep my bread wrapped in plastic wrap. Not very environmentally conscientious but super easy when you buy the big stretch tight wrap from costco. Thought I'd share with you because it makes wrapping bread up so easy! and it stays so fresh that way and less opportunity for drying out or getting moldy. I just joined the BYOB - happy baking! BTW: I always cut a slice too but it's just because I have to taste it! haha.